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i-Clean Customers Include: HSBC, NHS, The Co-Operative, AXA Insurance, RIBA, UK IPO, Meadowhall, Imperial College, Capita, EON, Dairy Crest, Greater London Authority, Institute of Education, Church of Latter Day Saints, MEPC, MACE, Loughborough University

i-Clean Auditing System

The i-Clean auditing tool has been designed and developed in order to check the cleanliness of buildings and that cleaning requirements are being met ensuring safe and healthy environments.

Live collection of multiple sets of auditing data
across several sites, buildings, floors and rooms.
Detailed reporting, including by site, building, floor
and room as well who is responsible.
Reports against national standards, showing
weaknesses and strengths.
24/7 access to secure and detailed online reports.
Real time data capture, eliminating loss of data and producing efficient reports.
Costing, save time and capital due to efficiency improvements.
Save paper, waste and storage.
Easy to use, use of drop down boxes and simple layout makes it easy to use so minimal IT skills required. Stress free quality management.
Uses latest .NET technology and PDA hardware and software.
Pass/fail system or 1 to 5 scoring.