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New case study - University of Birmingham
University of Birmingham drive improvements through benchmark review
The Environmental Services Team at University of Birmingham (UoB) introduced a bin-less office policy in 2009, a "zero to waste Landfill" policy in 2010 and have proactively implemented many sustainable initiatives since, including "Junk Busters", a pioneering, award winning joint recycling scheme between the University and Guild of Students.
"We've introduced numerous initiatives over the years and are committed to improving sustainability on campus and minimising the impact we have on our local community. To identify further areas for improvement and to add value to our forthcoming tender, we needed a deeper understanding of our data and a fuller appreciation of recycling and waste activities on site."
Peter Larkin, Policy and Environmental Services Manager, University of Birmingham
"i-Clean were our preferred partner having previously benchmarked cleaning at UoB."
Working closely with the University, i-Clean conducted a benchmark review involving site visits to review bin configurations, collection processes and scheduling of all streams, including inspection of bins to understand materials being removed from site. Invoicing processes, weight data and reporting methods (including estimations) were interrogated for accuracy and compliance, and end of life solutions checked and verified.
Following investigations, i-Clean were able to draw up a virtual map of tonnages leaving the campus, including costs and end of life solutions. Strategies, recommendations and a vision for the future were included in the output report on all processes and protocols across the facility associated with recycling and waste.
"We have been able to drive some immediate improvements to our recycling and waste processes and expenditure, and are considering others as part of our vision for the future. Trials are shortly to commence on food waste generated by accommodation areas to an AD solution, along with a 'clear bag policy' which has the potential to increase recycling by a further 20%.
We look forward to working with i-Clean on our forthcoming tender with a very clear vision of our needs, and increased options to drive further sustainable initiatives which will be embedded into the University's recycling programmes."
The University of Birmingham is an original 'redbrick' university as well as a founding member of the Russell Group. The University makes a significant contribution to sustainable development, not only in its role as a globally recognised provider of research and teaching, but also in the way it performs as a business engaging positively with the local and wider community.

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