Meadowhall Shopping Centre Case Study - i-Clean Systems Ltd
Case study - Meadowhall Shopping Centre
Impressive results and a morale boost for all at Meadowhall follow a review of its cleaning operations - by i-Clean Systems
The company managing the leisure shopping centre, in Sheffield, whose 270 stores and variety of restaurants and cafes attract more than 25 million visitors annually, is serious about its corporate social responsibilities. So Meadowhall Centre Ltd was concerned that a planned review of the efficiency of its cleaning of the common areas, to ensure best use of the service charge being paid by retailers, should not be seen by its staff as threatening. The review should point to further 'greening' opportunities if possible, also, through the adoption of energy-efficient methods and use of environmentally friendly chemicals.
The company's concern for the effect on staff grew with a realisation that the project would involve a complete analysis of the centre's cleaning needs, evaluation of the employed team's current performance, and implementation of any desired changes.
"In the event, the individual style and knowledge of the principal i-Clean Systems consultant gave us a great degree of comfort," recalls Dawn Osborne, head of operations with Meadowhall Centre Ltd. "His interaction with our staff was so good-humoured and sensitive that they came to actually enjoy seeing him around!"
The company's cleaning operations take in 22,000 sq m of covered shopping malls and a food area ('The Oasis') of 2,055 sq m, and cost some £7.10 a sq m annually. The i-Clean Cleaning Management System was used to produce a gap analysis, highlighting those areas of the company's cleaning provision which required further review and/or action.
The general organisation of the work, and the results being achieved by largely long-served, knowledgeable employees, were seen to be good. There could be even greater efficiency, i-Clean Systems proposed, through some re-alignment of tasks, including across the shifts being worked. Energy consumption (by lights and powered equipment) could be reduced and, in consultation with Selden Research, the use of 'green' methods and chemicals intensified.
For lasting benefit, i-Clean Systems advised, the centre's efficient systems and procedures should be fully documented and integrated into its overall management processes. "The production of a comprehensive specification and cleaning programme was quick, and it has stood up to significant scrutiny," Mrs Osborne continues. "The consultant's assistance with the presentation of his findings and recommendations, including to staff groups, was hugely significant and helpful.
"The results have been most impressive. We now know that our team is not only doing an efficient and 'green' job, but that we can prove it. This has brought a cost benefit to our retailers - and a huge morale boost for us all."
Since its introduction in August 2005, the i-Clean Cleaning Management System has been applied to good effect in a variety of organisations in both the private and public sectors
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