Jersey Carpet and Office Cleaners Case Study - i-Clean Systems Ltd
Case study - Jersey Carpet and Office Cleaners
In its achieving sheer professionalism, Jersey Carpet & Office Cleaners enlists the specialised help of the professionals at i-Clean Systems
JCOC - a member of the Angora Group, a major provider of contract cleaning, dry cleaning and laundry services in the Channel Islands - prospers in a cut-throat marketplace through excellence in what it does. But good companies strive to be even better, and i-Clean Systems was asked if, and how, JCOC's delivery of its contract cleaning services might be improved.
The consultant from i-Clean Systems used a mix of approaches to the challenge set. First, he demonstrated to JCOC's directors, through a cleaning efficiency review at a local school, how the company goes about its analytical work. He progressed, with JCOC's fast-growing interest and enthusiasm, to 'live' measurement, and precise analysis of the labour requirement, for a quotation being prepared for the contract cleaning of a leading, local finance house.
"Now, we can be held up - under a magnifying glass, if need be! - and be seen to have the best available professional standards," comments JCOC's customer services executive,George Thornhill. "Thanks to i-Clean Systems, we offer a thoroughly transparent service delivery, demonstrating to our clients what is needed, what they get for their money, and how the result is achieved.
"Before, the prospective client told us what cleaning to do, and we estimated the cost of it," Mr Thornhill continues. "With accurately measured standards of service provision, now, we know just how much labour to apply initially - and we are better-placed to review the client's requirements, when circumstances change such as with growth.
"JCOC's operating effectiveness has gained from the professionalism demonstrated by i-Clean Systems, and our competitiveness is assured because we price our work precisely according to the cleaning needs of each client." Drawing on knowledge from over 25 years in the cleaning industry, Jersey Carpet & Office Cleaners Ltd has adopted a partnership approach in its overall operations: with clients, with employees, and for the development and continued growth of the business.
The company is a founder member ofthe National Carpet CleanersAssociation,regarded nationally as the authority on carpet and upholstery cleaning. It has held an ISO 9001:2000 certificate since 2002.
Since its introduction in August 2005, the i-Clean Cleaning Management System has attracted interest from a variety of public, commercial, manufacturing and service sectors
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