CGG Veritas Case Study - i-Clean Systems Ltd
Case study - CGG Veritas
CGG Veritas Services (UK) Ltd, a world leader in the development of natural resources through geophysics, strikes gold when i-Clean Systems surveys its cleaning needs
CGGVeritas was born of a combination of Compagnie Generale de Geophysique and Veritas DGC Inc, companies which have been pioneers in the advancement of geophysical exploration since 1931. But the organisation's decision to use i-Clean Systems to survey its 7,303 sq m premises and support in tendering their cleaning contract has been richly rewarded. Significant improvements have been made in the standards of cleaning by refocusing resources and tasks in a much more efficient manner, also 5% savings for 2010 are predicted in CGGVeritas's contracted cleaning cost - with staff already enjoying a vastly improved service.
"We had a limited knowledge of the cleaning tender management and specification process," comments Louise Claydon, Facilities Officer with CGGVeritas. "We could not have achieved this excellent result without the help of i-Clean Systems.
"The specialist assigned to us managed the whole process, from specifying the requirement through to our selecting a new cleaning contractor," Ms Claydon recalls.
"Despite the many demands on all our time he ensured that all project deadlines were kept" The i-Clean Cleaning Management System was used in the preparation of tender documents, including the cleaning specification, which went to six interested contractors. Visits to the Crawley premises were arranged following which Tenders were received and 'scored' using the System. Four short-listed contractors made presentations to a meeting chaired by the i-Clean Systems specialist and visits to sites currently being cleaned by the short-listed contractors were also organised.
The successful contractor, MAR Contract Cleaning, Security & Support Services Ltd, told i-Clean Systems through its Senior Business Development Manager, Judy Nolan: "In the six years that I have been involved in tenders such as this, I have never received such great communication as you have maintained throughout. I am extremely impressed with your efficiency and the speed in which the entire process has been completed".
Since its introduction in August 2005, the i-Clean Cleaning Management System has attracted interest from a variety of organisations in the commercial, manufacturing, service and public sectors
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