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New case study - University of Worcester
University of Worcester reaches greener heights through sustainable tender
The University of Worcester is one of the fastest growing universities in the UK with student applications rising three times faster than the national average. Ranked as one of the greenest universities in the country, it was also the first to be awarded EcoCampus Platinum for the entire organisation.
"As the University grows and acquires new sites across the city, there is a need to sustain and grow our green credentials alongside. With a forthcoming waste tender we saw the opportunity to explore how we could improve our recycling and waste protocols and processes to build upon our current successes."
Tom Taylor, Assistant Director of Security & Operations, University of Worcester
Working in collaboration with the Facilities Department and other stakeholders, i-Clean reviewed and benchmarked waste processes, streams and volumes. The output report commended areas of best practice and highlighted opportunities to increase recycling, reduce costs, improve rebates and drive ongoing sustainability. The Facilities Department responded proactively by implementing a clear bag policy and making immediate changes to the configuration of waste consoles to favour recycling.
i-Clean revised the waste tender document extracting further value for the University (including rebates, changes to weights and collections, management information and a fixed pricing period), supported the selection process for a new provider and facilitated the roll-out of a new internal recycling and waste collection system.
"i-Clean's knowledge was unquestionable and their breadth of contacts invaluable. They supported us from start to finish, built trusting relationships and instilled confidence in our team.
As a result of their work we have increased our recycling by 20%, reduced our costs through the tender process, engaged in the circular economy and reduced our carbon footprint as a result of all of these activities. We also know where all of our materials are going to including local distances, and have the right provider in place to meet our needs."
The University of Worcester has established a reputation for world-class teaching and practical, purposeful research, delivering degree programmes to nearly 10,000 students and employing more than 1,100 staff members. The University has undergone significant growth over the last few years, expanding into new subject areas, more than doubling student numbers and investing substantially in staff and new facilities.

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