Become A Partner Referrer With i-Clean Systems Ltd
Become an -Clean referral partner
Becoming the perfect partner with i-Clean

i-Clean Systems is widely recognised as the UK's leading authority on cleaning performance monitoring and provides services to clients in all sectors including healthcare, education, commercial and food manufacturing. We're currently looking to develop third party relationships with organisations who are able to promote our independent benchmarking process under a referrer or full service delivery agreement. If you'd like to be able to offer your clients improved cleaning efficiency, regardless of in-house or contracted provision, we're keen to hear from you.

With full sales and operational support our industry expertise could help you offer:
  • Service improvements of up to 33%
  • An attractive fixed fee pricing matrix
  • A unique market leading service
For more information on the opportunities available in your area please contact us now by calling +44 (0)1684 580 680 or email us. International enquiries are welcome.