Cleaning contractor performance varies by 49% - i-Clean Systems
Cleaning contractor performance varies by 49%
The latest figures published by i-Clean Systems shows a growing gap between the best and worst performing contract cleaning providers, based on its most recent efficiency review results. The independent reviews conducted for the last 10 UK contracted sites, including those in the commercial, education and healthcare sectors, show the most efficient contract provider operating at 99% efficiency and the least at 50%. Healthcare cleaning generally is the best performing sector but still shows an average improvement opportunity of 22%.
Commenting on the latest findings Mike Boxall, i-Cleans Managing Director, commented in many ways these figures are driven by the client demanding an increasingly cheaper service. This often forces short term financial gains such as a reduction in training, supervision and equipment costs but soon manifests itself as a longer term drop in efficiency. In addition, some contractors seem to struggle with the transition to anything other than a standard daily input clean. One of the key success factors weve identified, for example, is a need to increase the proportionate level of training and supervision when moving from an input to an output specification, and to encourage building users themselves to clean as they go
The-Clean efficiency review process, which can be used at both in-house and contracted sites, involves benchmarking all aspects of service delivery against industry best practice, including environmental performance. Implementation support can then be offered to help clients develop alternative specifications, manage cost improvements and implement staff engagement programs. Its recently introduced Certification process is attracting interest from a number of high profile clients in a range of sectors. For more information please visit